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Pricing Guide

While each custom order is unique, the following pricing guidelines will help give you an idea of what to expect when I quote your order! Decorated sugar cookies are edible art and each individual order is crafted  to meet your specific vision and theme.



Simple orders typically include 1-2 colors (including white). Cookies will have no detail work.

Metallics and writing are not available in this pricing tier.


2 dozen minimum applies.

Simple cookies start at $65/dozen.



Detailed orders typically include more variety of designs and colors than simple orders, and may include one or more moderate decorative elements such as writing, simple monograms, and small floral details.

Metallics are an add-on.


2 dozen minimum applies.

Detailed cookies start at $70/dozen.



Elaborate orders typically include more variety of designs and colors and include more complex decorative elements, such as greenery, florals, stencil work, airbrushing, metallic, silkscreening, specific fonts, and watercolor painting.

Edible gems are an add-on.

I do not duplicate licensed characters.


2 dozen minimum applies.

Elaborate cookies start at $80/dozen.



Custom paint-your-own cookie sets are one of Bespoke Bakery's most popular offerings. To ensure your paint-your-owns perfectly coordinate with your theme, I custom create a stencil and you select up to 4 watercolors.

6 set minimum applies.

Paint-your-owns are $8/set, and each include 1 paintable cookie, 1 color palette cookie, and 1 paintbrush.



Logo cookies are perfect for corporate events! I use an edible airbrushing system to place your logo directly on each cookie. Please ensure you have permission to utilize any logo you send me. I do not duplicate licensed characters or logos without permission. Gold/metallics are an add-on.


2 dozen minimum applies.

Logo cookies start at $65/dozen.


Gift Sets & Custom Experiences

Bespoke Bakery will happily work with you to create an entirely custom cookie experience. From "be my bridesmaid" gift sets, to break-open gender reveal cookies, to cookie event invitations, we would love to bring your cookie vision to life! Please contact us to discuss pricing.


Packaging Options

Bespoke Bakery offers a variety of packaging options. All standard pricing includes individually heat sealed cookies in clear bags. Ribbons, bag toppers, stickers, and hang tags (provided by the client) or gift boxes (provided by me) can be added to most orders for an add-on charge.

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